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Art of Seeing is a series of workshops aimed at understanding the way we perceive the world around us and to gain a creative perspective to our lives.

Seeing our world

Study the landscape around us to learn about the interdependence of all living organisms on the planet. Encapsulate this idea through creation of tiny planet imagery.

Seeing the light

Learn about light sensitive materials and how they can be used to collect light over a longer duration allowing us to form images using light and time. Capture long exposure imagery in dark spaces or reveal a new visual landscape outdoors at night.

Seeing the impossible

Discover persistence of vision and how we can trick the eye to believe we are seeing something that is not actually there. Create visual illusions and animation sequences using this technique. Animations can be created using miniature objects on light boxes or using our own bodies to create the illusion of flying..

Seeing each other

How closely do we observe other people? A visual relationship is a two way conversation that begins by observing people's facial expressions and learning the visual clues that tell us how they are feeling without the need for words. A stronger visual relationship develops deeper empathy that allows for more effective communication.

Seeing closer

How often do we stop to look closely at the world around us and wonder at its complexity? Close-up photography and macro imaging allows us a vehicle to embark on a visual meditation of the world immediately beneath our feet. Observing our surroundings at a miniature scale can give us a sense of perspective and give us a mental break from the larger world.

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