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Kenny Bean - LIGHT Art Installations

light lines 2asw.jpg
light lines 3asw.jpg
light lines 1bsw.jpg

Light Lines

This installation was inspired by the lines and tracks created by particles in the Cern Hadron Collider and funded by Scotrail Art Fund.

sine wave with hill 1s.jpg
Sine wave SNH 4 w.jpg
IMG_2615ed w.jpg

Sine Wave

Studying the reflective qualities of water in natural spaces and echoing the shapes found in the surrounding landscape and hills. Funded by Scottish Natural Heritage.

mirror trees 35 w.jpg
mirror trees 93 w.jpg

Mirror Trees

Striving for a higher perspective on the landscape and mimicking the reeds and trees of the Caerlaverock SNH reserve, a very flat merse landscape, using large flexible poles and circular mirrors.

Water Lens Field - Flotterstone, Edinburgh

Using water to create a lens effect within woodland landscape.

Obscura Beach Hut - Dunbar Harbour

Installation of a beach hut camera obscura to view the harbour scape for North Lights Art festival.

Wind Turbine Projection - Blacklaw Wind Farm , Lanark.

A study into the flora beneath the windfarm on Blacklaw moor to create giant flowers out of the wind turbines at night.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Inspiring Landscapes.

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