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The Ivo Kohler Experience is a light installation that is ideal for special events and festivals. It has been created using a large convex lens and dome inside a dark tent that captures the light from outside and projects it onto the surface of the dome. It is amazing in its simplicity and engaging for all ages. It acts like a huge eye with the projected images on the dome being upside-down. The installation comes with the Ivo Kohler upside-down goggles and eye-boxes so that people can try their skills at walking upside down emulating the original scientific study.

Ivo Kohler Goggles 5.jpg

Ivo Kohler was one of the scientists conducting experiments into human perception in Innsbruck in the 1950's using a series of optical goggles that made the user see upside-down and sideways. Kohler had to wear the goggles for 3 weeks 24 hours a day to study the effects of inverting human sight.

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