An inspiring workshop for 7-13 years studying the way light is affected by mirrors and lenses. Through a series of guided experiments, students can discover the angle of reflection, split white light using various prisms, construct a periscope as well as a working camera that uses UV sensitive paper to make photographs outdoors.  Workshop is 1 hour for a full class size.

Mirror Installation Workshop


An exciting new workshop allowing students to work with an artist to see the way light, mirrors and the science of reflection can be used to make creative landscape installations.  The workshop allows students to experiment with light and mirror materials to explore their properties and to design their own creative installations.  Students take documentary photographs of the construction and final designs. The workshop is for full classes allowing for 10 installation set ups.



An exciting and inspiring workshop for 6-12 years looking at the creative science of light. Learn about the wonderful nature of light and the way the eye sees through a series of guided experiments designed for scientific learning as well as aesthetic exploration. Experiments include splitting white light into rainbows, making white light from red, green and blue torches, drawing with ultra-violet light and bending light using lenses to make an upside down viewer that you put over your head.

Workshop is 1 hour and accommodates a full class size.

Seeing Landscape


A workshop for all types of groups taking a fresh look at familiar landscapes through close-up macro photography.  We explore a local park or woodland to uncover natural patterns found in the environment using cameras with a variety of add on filters and viewers.  Natural material is gathered and used on lightboxes to study the transmission of light through natural materials. Patterns are made using natural materials on the light boxes and photographed. Photographs are then edited on the Light Lab tablets to allow the group to explore their creativity with over-layering and montaging of images.   The workshop can accommodate up to 16 people from an organised group (32 in a school group) and can be used within a larger project to produce imagery that can be projected at a final event in the Light Spaces Tent.

All workshops have been developed for use in schools and science festivals and are run by an experienced artist and science communicator. Light Lab works annually with Edinburgh Science Festival and Aberdeen Techfest as well as running arts and science projects with many Scottish local authorities.




We are working towards Light Science Weeks for Stirling, Fife and West Lothian in 2020.


Light Lab are currently looking for partners to develop a new workshop for children based on the link between the eye and the brain called the Ivo Kohler Experience. 



IOP Scotland

Institute of Physics is funding the development of a new event called Maxwell's Marvellous Mind.

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